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Rhema Deliverance Cathedral's Single and Saved ministry is geared toward ministering to both males and females alike who have not been married or find themselves single again after an unforseen divorce or death of a spouse. Our primary focus is to minister to individuals so they will know that they are whole even while being single.


Activities throughout the year include game nights, movies, trips, and excursions for a range of adult ages since one can be single at any season of life. We additionally focus on topics surrounding the single lifstyle while protecting your declared salvation. The question is not only what must I do to be saved, but what must I do to remain saved. The Rhema Single and Saved Ministry serves to provide a setting which strengthens, encourages, models, and supports all ministry singles to prove the with God you can enjoy a saved single life and be happy.


We will periodically have empowering workshops and discussions relative to today's single challenges such as the dangers of pornography, saved dating, being equally yoked, and saved sex versus the world's not so safe sex. Please Singles join us for one of our events even if you are not a member and by all means we would love hearing from you with a suggestion for a possible activity or outing. Contact us Today!

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