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He began to break new ground for various ministries and planted seeds to assist in the growth. Because of this, Bishop Dash was elevated to the appointment of Apostle in April of 2005. Since his elevation, Apostle Dash has also birthed Rhema Deliverance Center in Camila, GA and Baltimore, MD. Apostle Dash attended various theological institutes due to his strong belief in Proverbs 4:7 that wisdom is the principle thing. He attended Philadelphia Evangelistic Bible College where he received his conferred Doctorate Degree in 1988. Apostle Dash, DD also received his Doctorate of Sacred Letters in July of 2002 and his PH.D with honors from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in June of 2005. Apostle Dash displays selfless acts by sharing with the public the precious jewels that the Lord bestows upon him through written words. He is the author of several publications such as, but not limited to, “The Elijah Principal” and its successor “The Elisha Concept”, “Breaking Generational Curses”, and “Ish and Isha”. He is currently working on the release of "Dimensions of the Anointing" and "Will Thou be Made Whole". Rhema also established the ZOE Bible College, an accredited institute established to assist those seeking an advanced degree while furthering their knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Apostle Dash is presently the Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle of Rhema Covenant Fellowship Churches, Intl, which is comprised of various churches throughout the United States, Africa and India, for the purpose of covenant, fellowship, and covering. The Rhema word is released by Apostle Dash every Sunday evenings from 7:00pm to 7:30pm on internet radio at Apostle Vance L. Dash, Sr. is the honorable husband of Co-Pastor Vernell Dash and the proud father of three children and the proud grandparent of one grandchild.

Sis.Vernell heard the voice of the Lord calling her to a greater work. She preached her trial sermon on December 31, 1988 and was soon ordained as Evangelist Vernell Smith. In order to enhance her ministry and her knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, she attended Citywide International Christian Training Institute Bible School as well as remaining under the trainings that were provided at her local assembly. On January 4, 1996 Evangelist Vernell Smith was united in Holy matrimony to Bishop Vance L. Dash, Sr., Founder and Senior Pastor of Rhema Deliverance Center. She immediately embraced his vision, and standing by his side she strived for the enhancement of the kingdom of God. Evangelist Dash is currently the Co-Pastor of Rhema Deliverance Center and continues to be a strong force in the ministry as well as the Rhema Covenant Fellowship Churches, Intl. She is a major support to Apostle Dash by not only assisting him in the task of being a Pastor, but also accepting the responsibility of overseeing the entire ministries and fellowships structure and functionality of Rhema Deliverance Center. She strives to carry out the mission of Rhema Deliverance Center and impact the lives of the community and beyond. Evangelist Dash stands on the principle of Isaiah 61 – winning the lost at any cost. Evangelist Vernell Dash and Apostle Vance L. Dash, Sr. are the wonderful parents of three children and the proud grandparents of one grandchild.

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