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Our Core Values


Positive Enthusiasm
We must have positive energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.  We enjoy what we do and embrace the daily challenges.


Drive for Excellence
We do not accept anything but excellence in everything we do. We are constantly looking to improve and have a thirst for knowledge and answers.


Uphold and Promote a Good Reputation
We understand, accept and embrace that when we do “the right thing,” great things happen for us and the organization. Not doing “the right thing” affects and reflects on us all.


Passion for the Rhema Mission
We are passionate about being a part of an organization greater than any one of us and truly live and promote the “Rhema Deliverance Center's” mission, vision, and values.


Humble Confidence
We are confident in our abilities and the abilities of RDC.  We are quick to give credit to others and humble in accepting credit given to us.


Delivering the WOW factor
We musthave the mindset to deliver a WOW experience to everyone we encounter – visitors, members, colleagues, clients, suppliers, contractors, service providers, tenants, etc. We go above and beyond, under-promising and over-delivering.


Solution Focused
With every challenge presented, we focus on finding and/or creating solutions. We do not dwell on the problems, as there is always a solution. We do not wait for the solution to be given to us, we create our own solution in line with the vision 

and present it for evaluation.


Accountable to Team
We are all accountable one to another. We utilize this accountability to push ourselves to improve. 

Accountability to each other generates results.


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